About 1Form

1Form is the most simple and secure way to manage and apply for rental properties online.

1Form delivers a streamlined tenancy application management system, with a goal to satisfy the current and future needs of tenants and the real estate industry nationwide. Currently, 1Form is the primary method of tenancy application for Australia and New Zealand.

Our goal is to create efficiency throughout the rental process and exceed the requirements of all stakeholder streams within the rental system. 1Form now presents a world-first solution whereby only one rental application is required for multiple properties. This latest edition to the 1Form portfolio uses dual operator customisation and the highest security servers to achieve optimum reliability levels for renters across Australia and New Zealand.

Rapid growth of the Australian rental market means that it is now more critical than ever to provide solutions that increase efficiency. The 1Form system extends past the application phase, aiding tenants in their move by connecting utilities through a strong network of industry recognised suppliers and even helping with that leaking tap by sending maintenance requests to property managers.

1Form also provides a dedicated service for those considering purchasing an investment property. Our goal with "Rental Insight Reports" is to provide detailed, accurate and live information to ensure the purchase of your next asset is made with the most up to date information on the rental property market.

Launched in 2006 as a solution to the time-consuming applications of the past, 1Form condenses repetitive forms into just one. In fact, the current 1Form directors founded the system after a rather tedious rental application process. Fed up with filling in the same forms over and again, the two decided to embark on a journey that would soon see the rental application process change for the better.

The founders wrote to every real estate office in Australia, enlightening their recipients that they had discovered the solution to securing suitable tenants without hours of paperwork, and the solution to the rental applicants of Australia.

Having helped over two million people secure a rental property, 1Form are committed to empowering prospective tenants and property managers nationwide to secure rental properties more efficiently.